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February 4, 2019

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Going solo

September 6, 2017

I've recently returned from America and part of my holiday, I was 'going solo', I'd also gone 'solo' a few days before on a trip to the balloon fiesta in Bristol. Now all things considered I wouldn't choose to go solo; I would much rather go places with other people for company, laughs and support, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to always find a travelling companion. In the past I always had someone to go away with but as my children are now adults and many of my friends are coupled up and the fact that I don't have a romantic partner, now often means that I am left to choose whether to go alone or not at all.........so I have chosen to go solo!


In the past, I have had food on my own and I have had brief visits on my own but nothing substantial and nothing since my tumour, however, I don't want to wait until I have someone to go with, what if that doesn't happen? I know that I am a lot to take on, so maybe I will be doing more and more solo adventures? In preparation of going away on own I finally got a medical necklace, you know the ones which hold medical information in case of an accident? I'd always thought 'well if something happens to me, I'm with someone who knows my history' but obviously I needed a backup for when I was on my own. 


My first solo adventure was to go to the hot air balloon fiesta in Bristol. I have a fascination with hot air balloons and so I've wanted to go for many years but it always seemed to clash with other holidays. So I decided to grab the bull by the horns and just do it; I packed up my car with all of my camping gear and set off!!


I'd forgotten how restricting it is being in a tiny tent, no bigger than my bed at home. I had trouble with; the blow up bed, lighting my little stove, getting out of the tent but my biggest issue was getting to the venue itself! The information from the campsite had been that it was a 15/20 minute walk to the festival site, really??!! I took a track through a wood, I was in there for a good 45 minutes and I saw no one and I thought that I would be lost forever. Then I spotted some light and I emerged and saw a martial in the distance, however when I got to him he told me that it was still 'a trek'!!


As I set off again, near to tears and in alot of pain, a lovely couple took pity on me and took me part of the way, but once I got to the balloon site I was exhausted because it was far further than I should have gone and my body was complaining. Things went from bad to worse; it was a lovely day but i'd forgotten my suncream, there was too much wind so no hot air balloons actually took off. So all in all, not a great start to my solo experience! 


My second solo trip to Washington was more straight forward; I took a train to Manchester airport and booked in with no issues, I was fast tracked through the security because of my crutch and a great flight. The only blip getting there, was that my train from New York (where I'd flown into) to Washington was delayed. I spent three days in Washington and I thoroughly enjoyed my time; I didn't feel awkward or lonely, I felt empowered and independent. I'm not saying that I didn't struggle but in the end I coped with everything and I survived. 


As result, I came back and I began looking at the year ahead, wanting to plan things and book trips in; but this time once I'd exhausted my travel companion options, I was happy to think that I could do some trips on my own. So my next task is to look at my options, some places are more straight forward and safe as a single woman, travelling but others aren't so much. The thing is, that now I am willing to consider trips on my own when in the past I would have resisted it, so keep a look out for more solo adventures!


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