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August 30, 2019

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February 4, 2019

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Struggles in a wheelchair

July 13, 2019

Having an invisible illness can be frustrating because no one can see your disability. Even though I normally use a crutch people seem to dismiss my disability probably because I look okay. I’ve had comments made and whispers when I’ve gone to use a disabled toilet or park in a disabled space. When I was in Australia, visiting my daughter, we pulled up into a disabled spot. The people in the adjacent bay were just getting into their car and they were looking at us shaking their heads. I assume that they thought that we shouldn’t be parking in a disabled bay. They sat in their car not moving for a good 5 minutes, eventually, they pulled off and as they passed us they stared into our car only to find that I was holding up my disabled badges! 

I do get it, it bugs me when I see someone parked in a disabled bay when there is clearly nothing wrong with them. The other day, my son Jack and I were pulling into a car park and there was a very flash car in one of the disabled parking bays. Jack was livid and as he went to go into the shop the owner of the car came out. Jack tackled the 40 something man with regards to parking in the bay and he could offer no excuse other than ‘I only popped in for a minute’. I don’t even park in the bays unless there is no other choice, there is always someone who may need it more than me. So next time you consider parking in a disabled bay please just stop and think.


When you’re travelling, and have some form of disability, everything has to be planned in advance. You have to research places that you’re visiting to see how wheelchair friendly they are. Airlines, train companies and taxis need details of your requirements and dimensions of your wheelchair. So I get myself organised and I inform the relevant companies…………....and then I arrive at the railway station and no one knows anything about me! It is so frustrating. Sometimes it’s not a problem and someone will help me but other times there’s no one around and it is so stressful. 


There are so many obstacles when you’re in a wheelchair because there are so many steps and narrow doors which you wouldn’t normally notice. I have been in clothes shops and got stuck because the rails are too close together. I’ve struggled with opening doors to even get into places. It’s surprising how hard it is, I don’t think that you fully realise how difficult it is until you’re either in a wheelchair or you’re pushing someone in one. 


I’m sure that I’m not alone in my experiences, do you have any that you would like to share? Please leave a comment if you do.


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